The Family probably gets its name from the Naden Valley above Rochdale in Lancashire.  It lay in a remote and isolated moorland. The Naden Valley today is largely covered by reservoirs of the Naden Brook.

The photos show the Upper Naden Valley looking North and looking South.

In 1107 Thurstan Wolstenholme occupied "a villa in Spotland at Aque de Naden".
In 1277 Maud Naden, widow of Thomas de Naden claimed dower in a messuage of Land in Wolstenholme against Roger, son of Robert de Naden. 
In 1323-5 there are references to Adam de Naden and his son John and shortly later to Henry de Naden as witness to a charter.
In 1364 William de Naden was plaintiff respecting lands in Spotland.
In 1516 Isabel widow of Thomas Naden claimed dower in Spotland against James Holt. 
In 1519-20 Thomas Naden had murdered Edmund Kaye and as a result there was a dispute between the King and the Duchy of Lancaster as to which owned straying Naden sheep.
In 1543 Thomas Holt claimed Spotland as a manor separate from Rochdale and his reputed manor house was at Naden Head.
In 1549 Robert Naden aged 54 collaborated the evidence of Edmund Wolfenden on a boundary dispute at Ashworth.  In the late 16thC there are Bury Parish Church registers which record the baptism of David son of David Naden 0n 22 June 1597, the marriage of Alexander Naden 7 May 1592 and Genet Naden was buried 2 May 1597.  Janett Naden was buried at Rochdale 17 Oct 1595.

Having lost their land in the Naden Valley the family appear to have dispersed, though some remained in the SE Lancashire area.

However it would appear that part of the family moved to a similar isolated moorland area in N Staffordshire centred on Longnor in the parish of Alstonfield. They appear in the early parish records. William son of Robert Naden was bap 7 Nov 1538, Ranulph Naden married Margaret Naden 22 Oct 1848 and John Naden son of Roger Naden was buried 26 April 1540.

From there they crossed Dovedale into Derbyshire but remained primarily confined to the N Midlands area.

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