The Naden/Nadin/Neden/Nedin
Family Society

Founded 1989



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The Naden/Nadin/Neden/Nedin Family Society is a voluntary, non profit making society founded in 1989  by Revd Dennis Lloyd Nadin in order to make available the result of his extensive family history research to the wider family.
Its aims include
encouraging and supporting research into the history of the family,
attempting to preserve family records and
enabling members to occasionally meet together.

Membership is open to all those interested in the surname and its variants but full membership is restricted to those descended from a male or female member of the family or who have been adopted into the family, including marriage.

We are now one of the finest family societies in the country.

Some years we hold a Family Reunion, usually over a weekend, in a locality particularly associated with the family.  These have included the Naden Valley, Longnor, Hartington, Macclesfield, Derby and Sheffield.

We produce a well regarded family magazine "Roots and Branches" twice a year. Copies are held at major libraries,  including the British Library.

We have members throughout England and in Scotland, Wales, France, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We have done extensive research including  IGI, GRO Index, 60% parish records in family areas, most wills to 1960, army, police and criminal records.  There has been considerable research of local newspapers in areas associated with the family.

We have well over 100 branches of the family tree which we are attempting to link.

Our membership fee is 5 minimum for UK members and 8 minimum for overseas members. We have kept this price for over twenty years to encourage all members of the family to join. We welcome extra donations, which allow us to continue this policy. All members receive two issues of our magazine Roots and Branches each year free.

We welcome any information on the family and especially copies of any certificates , photos etc.

Please note that there were a number of other ways of spelling the name but Naden, Nadin, Neden and Nedin are the most common. Spelling very much depended on the dialect of the area and the skill of the parish clerk.

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